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Christopher Taylor Lawyers Parnell

Our premises at Suite 302, Geyser Building, 100 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland are easily accessed from the Southern, Northern, and Western motorways. Client parking is available.

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Finding our premises

The complex in which we have our premises, Geyser, 100 Parnell Road Parnell Auckland consists of five buildings marked A-E:

A & B are accessed from one common elevator and set of stairs;

C,D & E are accessed from another common lift and set of stairs.

Our premises are in Building B. If you take the wrong lift, you will not be able to access our premises.

The correct lift to take to get to our premises is the freestanding lift in the courtyard of Geyser, next to the café. Here is a photograph of it:

Building B Lift

The lift doors are on the other side of the lift shaft. You can also climb the stairs, which are immediately to the left of the lift. This lift also services the basement carpark.

If you want to access the lift from the carpark it is the one nearest the swing arm at the entrance of the carpark (at the south west end of the carpark), not the lift in the centre of the carpark.

The lift in the centre of the carpark services buildings C, D, and E, not buildings A and B.

Using the car park

The complex that we have our premises in has a car parking system that can be a bit confusing the first time that you use it. It is a carlift system that takes your car away and stacks it on a shelf; rather than leaving it in a normal carpark. If you drive a Range Rover or an Audi Q7 it may be too heavy; in that case phone us before you arrive (or when you are there); we will come down and let you in with an override system that we have access to.

First, go to the carpark entrance at the back of the complex. To get there turn down Garfield Street from Parnell Road, and then turn left into Bath Street. Geyser has frontages on all of Parnell Road, Garfield Street and Bath Street. The entrance to the carpark is on Bath Street:

Geyser 100 Parnell Road carpark

When you drive down the driveway you will see a carpark barrier. It is over a weighbridge that weighs your car to ensure that the car is light enough to be lifted by the car lift. See the green light? If that is red stop and wait until it is green; then go to the weighbridge and get a ticket.

Geyser 100 Parnell Road carpark Geyser 100 Parnell Road carpark

This is the ticket machine. Once you get your ticket the monitor (which says "Geyser Welcome" in this photo) will tell you to go to one of garages 1, 2, 3, or 4. Garage one is right in front of the barrier, but it is too tight to turn into it; so you will have to drive right around the basement in a loop and then go into it.

Geyser 100 Parnell Road carpark

Above is a picture of garages 1 and 2. In addition to the TV screen telling you what carpark to go to, the lights on the ground will direct you to the right garage.

When you drive into the garage the sign may direct you to swing right or left. That is to ensure that the wheels of your car remain on the rollers on the turntable in the garage; if the wheels slip off the rollers the lift will not work. Get out of the car, put the hand brake on and lock it.

When you leave the garage there will be a ticket machine outside. Put your carpark ticket into it; and then retrieve it.

Geyser 100 Parnell Road carpark

The ticket machine will tell you to wait until the garage doors close; it will scan for movement to ensure that no one is left in the cars. Do not leave any people or animals in the cars; they cannot get out once the car is stacked. The car is then turned on the turntable, and a machine lifts it off and takes it away.

To get to our premises on Level 3 Building B, go to the lift that is closest to the carpark barrier:

Geyser 100 Parnell Road carpark Geyser 100 Parnell Road carpark Geyser 100 Parnell Road carpark

Do not go to the lift in the centre of the carpark; it will take you to a different building.

Go to level three. When you get out of the lift go to the building and turn left.

Geyser 100 Parnell Road carpark

When you turn left the door to our premises is at the end of the external corridor:

Geyser 100 Parnell Road carpark